Major Ministerial Department

3 mins 24 March 2022

Working with a major Ministerial Department supported by a large number of agencies and public bodies. This leading government department plays a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of the UK. With over 40,000 members of staff, the Department delivers operational services, policy and is supported by a wide range of professions.

The challenge

The Ministerial Department required a solution to be able to govern Microsoft Teams and the creation of SharePoint Sites and ensure that all configuration and compliance needs were enforced while still enabling users with the collaboration and document management tools they expect.

The solution needed to be intuitive to use, accessible to WCAG AA level and be able to scale up to many hundreds of requests per month while still meeting an acceptable performance level.  All SharePoint Sites and Teams were required to have naming conventions enforced, necessary Retention Policies applied, Site Classification, Permissions model and Metadata applied as well as default settings applied to the site and Microsoft Team.  The same process was required to be able to “upgrade” existing legacy sites from classic to modern Sites and Teams with no impact to users.

The solution

FSP implemented this solution using our standard Provisioning Platform which guides a user to the correct M365 resource based on a series of questions answered through an easy to use, accessible PowerApp.

In addition to providing our Provisioning Platform, FSP also supported the organisation by carrying out a full change, adoption and engagement activity across the estate to ensure that Teams workspaces and SharePoint Online sites are used appropriately as part of an internal edict to increase staff productivity across the organisation.


The SharePoint EDRMS and MS Teams-based M365 provisioning tool has now been rolled out to all 45,000 users across the Ministerial Department with hundreds of M365 assets being requested, approved and provisioned monthly in line with the expected configuration and compliance requirements.

The FSP solution enables the organisation to:

  • Control the creation of M365 Groups, MS Teams, SharePoint Sites, and other M365 apps
  • Guide users to a target collaborative workspace or tool, based on answers to specific questions put to the user
  • Assign lifecycle management controls in the target sites e.g., retention labels and policies, site information and site ownership
  • Allow the creation, management and approval of sensitive sites with associated permissions applied
  • Extend these capabilities to include other target platforms (such as on-premises SharePoint)