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About FSP

Foundation SP is a contemporary and dynamic technology solutions provider, based in the UK and Spain. We are proud to be recognised as the winners of the UK’s Best Place to Work Small Business 2017 for the second year running and ranked #3 Best Workplace in Europe 2017 by the Great Place to Work® institute. This follows additional special awards achieved in 2016 recognising Most Trusted Leadership and Excellence in Employee Voice.

We are also honoured to attain the prestigious accreditation of the highest level - Investors in People Platinum.

We are an established, award winning Microsoft Gold Partner. By leveraging this technology platform, we help you focus on positive and progressive outcomes to allow your staff, clients and partners to connect, communicate and collaborate in our rapidly evolving world.

We are experts in technology, strategic business engagement and successful user adoption.

We drive exciting transformations to enable businesses to become more engaged and responsive.

Best Workplaces Great Place to Work 2017 - Europe

Best Workplaces 2016 - Category: Small - United Kingdom

Best Workplaces 2016: Most Trusted Leadership - United Kingdom

Best Workplaces 2016 - Delivering Excellence in Employee Voice - United Kingdom

No.1 Great Places to Work 2017 - United Kingdom

Our People

FSP Culture

Our people, values and culture are at the heart of FSP.

These core values of Family, Success, Passion (FSP) are the fabric of our business and integral to everything we do.

Our values represent a meaningful connection across the organisation, where everyone takes pride and is motivated to be a part of FSP.



We value the importance of Family for all our staff, ensuring an effective work:life integration to operate at their best. The FSP team is a family unit, supporting each other with respect, whilst caring about their happiness, personal aspirations and development.



We define Success as so much more than just company revenue or profit. As such, we are committed to  success and development for all of our employees, families, clients and community.  We are excited and motivated by positive change and continuous improvement. 



We love what we do and our Passion is apparent to everyone who engages with us. This is demonstrated in many ways: the way that we work, collaborate, celebrate together with our clients, partners and community whilst delivering inspiring work. 

We care.
We deliver.
We love what we do.

We employ fantastically talented people and provide them with a trusted and empowering environment to thrive and become the best that they can be.

We encourage total openness and transparency in the way that we work.

Ultimately, this is about creating great outcomes, continuously learning and enjoying the journey.

We are FSP

Watch our company video to get a true feel for FSP.

The stars of this video are our very own children and family members.

Why? We wanted to create a video that encapsulated us and our core values.



As a conscious business, we believe we have a responsibility to actively participate and contribute to our wider community in a meaningful fashion.

The FSP way of life includes fundraising, volunteering, mentoring, work experience and gifting professional services. We aim to make a difference.

Alexadner Devine

We are proud to be a supporter and partner of Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service. This incredible Charity tirelessly dedicate themselves to improve the lives of children and families with life limiting and threatening conditions and are now building Berkshire's very own children's hospice for local families.

University of Reading

We are delighted to be located at the Enterprise Centre on campus at Reading University. This provides our team a positive, vibrant and diverse environment and offers the rewarding opportunity to contribute to student development through mentoring and work experiences. 


After working in many different companies, I find the culture here extremely refreshing. In fact…if Carlsberg were a small company, it would be FSP!

Chris Benham Technical Analyst

The environment at FSP is very respectful and that, in turn, makes us all feel more valued and appreciated in the work that we do.

Graham Williamson Senior Developer

Los clientes, nuestra familia; la innovación, nuestra pasión

Victor Cea Team Leader
Great Place to Work

FSP is a great place to work and more than just a job.

Don’t just take our word for it – ‘Great Places to Work’ agree!

No.1 Category: Small - Great Place to Work 2017 - Best Workplaces - United Kingdom

If you want to be part of our fantastic team, check out our career opportunities here.

No.1 Category: Small - Great Place to Work 2017: Best Workplaces - United Kingdom
Investors in People Platinum
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Microsoft Gold Partner

Best Workplaces 2016

Best Workplaces 2016 - Must Trusted Leadership - United Kingdom
Best Workplaces 2016 - Delivering Excellence in Employee Voice - United Kingdom