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Your SharePoint Maturity


We offer life-cycle services to clients looking to adopt SharePoint. By engaging early with senior stakeholders, we can provide strategic business value.


Scope, design, develop and deploy your perfect SharePoint environment; And allow for continuous reviews to ensure it continues to meet you needs.

Your SharePoint Maturity

Follow through the Maturity Matrix to see which services we offer aligning to your maturity.


If you're just getting started with SharePoint, you're probably unaware of its full capabilities.


Either you've already deployed SharePoint or have a more tactical requirement, such as a library management system.


You take a high-level look at your organisation and are probably more interested in how SharePoint can solve strategic problems.

The Stages of our Methodology

We deliver to a proven methodology which ensures you get the most from your investment.

1. Discovery

This phase captures a high level view of the solution ensuring the project is feasible and compelling to the organisation at the earliest stage in order to avoid unnecessary investment.

2. Design

This phase ensures that all of the key features and capabilities of the final solution are identified, reviewed and designed in a series of clear deliverables which map to established goals and benefits.

3. Development

We include periodic reviews covering configuration; development and integration; reporting; migrating and upgrading; unit testing and pre-release and infrastructure readiness.

4. Deploy

Conducting the activities necessary to deliver a successful deployment of the solution by making sure you’re operationally ready, that the business is and you’ve addressed cultural change.

5. Review

We ensure any issues, problems, or activities that went particularly well are captured and reviewed at regular intervals to ensure the solution continues to develop and mature.
High-level Requirements
Creative Concepts
Goals and Needs
Project Methodology
Governance Workshop
High-level Strategy
Communication Strategy
Project Initiation
Infrastructure Design
Benefits Plan
Governance Plan
Dev. and Test Plans
Information Architecture
Implementation Strategy
Application Design
Creative Designs
Application Development
UX Development
Application Deployment
Infrastructure Deployment
Operational Readiness
Training and Support
Benefits Realisations
Review and Planning
On-going support and Maintenance
During the Envisioning session we sit with you to try to come to a common understanding of the problem or opportunity in question. We use the time to get to know you as an organisation. The session allows us to understand your current maturity level and to tailor the next phase to your needs and culture.

These sessions allows us to understand your current maturity level and to tailor your project to you.
After prioritising the business needs, we will start to gather and prioritise with key business and IT stakeholders the immediate and long term requirements you wish to achieve.
The creative design of your solution, shouldn't be underestimated when it comes to good user adoption. During discovery, we will look at your Design Brief and review any existing branding guidelines. We will look at what message you want the design of your solution to communicate and how will it work hand-in-hand with the functionality of the solution? We can then start produce high-level concepts.
In design we will take the initial concepts a step further. Working in conjunction with the technical and business teams, our Creative Designer will look at the functional wireframes and spec that is starting to form and will adapt the initial concepts to reflect the solution in more detail. Working with you to drill into a deeper level of detail around the designs until you have a full set of concepts to compliment the Solution Design.
The Goals and Needs session focuses on your business and allows us to form an understanding of the organisations strategic goals, objectives and business needs both short and long term. From this this we can start to form an idea for the programme roadmap.
Our certified Project managers will sit and discuss the correct project management methodology that you will need to ensure a successful project.
This strategic session looks at your current governance strategy if you have one and in line with our understanding of your culture provides recommendations to help you improve overall governance for information management across your SharePoint implementation.
A close look at an existing SharePoint implementations at Farm level, as well as a structured check of the architecture. This allows us to plan apprioriately for deployment and migrations as well as provide you with recommendations to align the architecture with immediate and future needs of the business
Need to get stakeholder buy-in? Need to understand how the solution will align with the organisation strategy. This session will engage and connect the project at the highest levels.

This session will engage and connect the project at the highest levels.
Business Consultants will help you to define a strategy appropriate for the roll-out of your solution which will help to ensure maximum up front buy-in and post deployment user adoption.
In order to ensure a successful project, we begin by getting everyone involved to agree the timelines, milestones, risks and process that will be used throughout the project.
Typically including an infrastructure topology, network map, SharePoint Farm design and server roles, domains and hardware.
Planning for the capture of business benefits and how they will be measured against project outcomes and deliverables.
Building on earlier governance sessions, we will help you build a framework for your governance strategy incorporating the relevant change control and decision making teams, as well as high level guiding principles and detailed guidelines.
All stakeholders should be fully aware of what the schedule and approach will be for the technical delivery and the testing of the solution so that there is a clear identification of expectation.
This session and output looks at content classification, navigation, branding, possible security models, draft architecture designs and starts to give a high level picture of what the solution could look like.
Assessing existing SharePoint, bespoke, Lotus Notes or other systems for structure and content, providing us with the information needed to plan an appropriate migration strategy for your solution.
This deliverable addresses how the business will be made aware of the new platform, timescales and expected involvement and responsibilities.
High Level design adressing the requirements, the proposed solution and suggested implementation. Focussing on the Software Architecture of the SharePoint solution and how each component will address each requirement.
Our team of exceptional developers have all necessary skills to bring your SharePoint solution to life. Whether a small tactical engagement for a specific requirement or a full SharePoint platform across your whole Enterprise, we can scale the development team accordingly to deliver world-class solutions.
SharePoint doesn’t have to be boxy and corporate. We can deliver an incredible user experience with the full suite of Enterprise Content Management capabilities that SharePoint provides. There are no boundaries, we can implement any design necessary to fit with your corporate brand. The end goal is to provide a Website which can be administered entirely by the client requiring no specialist knowledge or on-going support.
Through various technologies while not forgetting the human touch, ensuring that quality is of the highest standard and that the solution is fully functional and fit for purpose.
Generally through an automated procedure, Application Deployment ensures that the solution is deployed to the correct quality and performance expectations.
We can assist with the full range of hardware and platfor pre-requisites, from virtualised hardware, networking to installing and configuring servers and the SharePoint topology.
Engaging early with the business is critical to user adoption, and we can assist with both the early engagement and the operation readiness to ensure that the business are fully prepared for the new solution.
Foundation IT provides a support model which is based on providing flexible arrangements for our clients. We understand that adopting a new platform can be challenging and time-consuming and therefore seek to provide a support arrangement which can be tailored to a client’s needs.
A periodic post roll-out review of the solution outcomes against original business objectives and benefits. This session will look at user adoption sucesses and failures.
Periodic post roll-out reviews of where we are on the roadmap ensuring it is always aligned to changing strategic goals and planning for maintenance, training or support requirements.
As part of an on-going relationship with Foundation SP, a client will be assigned a Service Manager who will engage and monitor the progress of any support agreements. The Service Manager will schedule regular review meetings to discuss and evaluate the performance against the agreed service levels. Any outstanding issues will also be discussed with action plans.

​Foundation SP Services

At Foundation SP we are passionate about Microsoft SharePoint and it’s capabilities. We are a leading provider of SharePoint solutions with a strong blend of business and technical expertise. Providing high quality services, we offer a strategic and pragmatic approach to ensure that our customers realise true business value and implement first class solutions.

Our methodology

Foundation SP helps customers make sense of the broad and powerful application capabilities of SharePoint, dealing with its inherent challenges, into either a simple or highly complex environment. We deliver rapid “out of the box” or custom solutions for Document and Knowledge Management, e-Commerce, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Search, Business Process Automation, Business Reporting and Dashboards.
We advocate a strategic approach and believe successful SharePoint implementations are achieved by planning strategically whilst deploying tactically.
Many organisations under estimate the importance and impact on business culture when deploying SharePoint, and usually end up with a platform that is not getting used, or is seen as an unnecessary cost.

We understand that business alignment and adoption are key to your SharePoint environment. Therefore, to ensure a successful implementation, we have established a number of key services delivered via our proven methodology to ensure you get the most from your investment.

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