Wales and West Housing Association

​Wales and West Housing Association have been successfully using SharePoint for a range of “intranet” content. However it’s use has reached saturation point and for a number of reasons a strategic review of SharePoint was necessary ahead of a plan to;

  • ​Support a major re-branding exercise
  • Define new internet, intranet and extranet sites
  • Improve productivity and access to information
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce duplication and retain knowledge
 Initial workshops looked at the long term vision and strategy for the Association. All major stakeholders were involved and the Associations plans for its Culture, business needs and governance were considered carefully. A full assessment was carried out on the specific benefits of moving to SharePoint 2010.

The right partner - why Foundation SP?

My first contact with Foundation SP was at the SharePoint Evolution Conference 2009. Director Simon Walker was presenting and impressed me with not only his knowledge, but his approach to delivering projects. I then asked Foundation to run a small scoping exercise aimed at evaluating the demand from the business towards adopting a SharePoint 2010 platform. A series of workshops with staff led to the creation of a business case which resulted in board approval for the project. Throughout Foundation SP were professional and provided strong guidance and support of scoping the project. I would have no problem recommending Foundation SP for similar projects

About Wales & West

WWHA was founded in 1965 to develop low cost rented and co-ownership accommodation in Cardiff and South Wales.

Since then the Association has enjoyed steady and sustained growth, developing and acquiring a wide range of properties across Wales as well as winning a number of UK-wide and Wales-based awards.

WWHA provide homes and services to more than 25,000 people. They work in 15 local authorities and manage over 9,000 properties.

WWHA have over 300 staff committed to providing quality services to their residents and other customers. WWHA have offices in Cardiff in South Wales and Flint in North Wales, but most of their staff work in the communities where their residents live.

Customer Profile

WWHA’s main aim is to provide good quality, affordable homes for people in Wales. WWHA believe in being more than just a ‘landlord’, but to also provide other services including tenancy management, community development, services for older people and services for people with support needs.

Business Situation

WWHA have been successfully using SharePoint 2007 for a range of uses. SharePoint 2010 offers the opportunity to significantly improve the existing solution and deliver Internet and Extranet services to enable the organisation to deliver a highly integrated web experience to internal, external and partner users.

Technical Solution

  • Deliver an Internet facing service to replace the existing WWHA website
  • Deliver a refreshed Intranet environment
  • Provide a platform for engaging with partners and residents in a more effective manner
  • Deliver a strategic platform on which WWHA can develop and grow

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